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bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Tue Jul 11 14:30:09 GMT 2017

as i see it there are a number of important differences between the PCR and the AUR - the most notable is that registration is not open to the general public as it is on the AUR - from what i understand the only way to get a package into the PCR is by pushing it directly to the parabola git instance just like every other package - this essentially makes every PCR maintainer an official parabola developer doesn't it? - is there any distinction regarding "official" and "community-maintained" packages? the "FAQ" page on the wiki says that if you want to get a PKGBUILD from AUR into parabola you need to ask a parabola hacker to put it there for you - the wording on the "Repositories" wiki page however seems to indicate something else:

  "the PCR contains packages maintained by trusted members of the Parabola community"

as a side note - the description of the "community" repo talks spcifically abut arch and AUR which indicates that this "community" vs "PCR" distinction was not planned out thoroughly
  "Community contains packages from the AUR which gained enough votes to be adopted by an Arch Trusted User"

i assume that for parabola this should instead read:

  "Community contains packages from the PCR which gained enough votes to be adopted by an Parabola Trusted User"

are there indeed any "Parabola Trusted Users" who are not also "Official Parabola Hackers"? and if so, then how does their access to the main production repositories differ from the "Official Parabola Hackers"

from the archwiki:

> Sharing and maintaining packages
> Users can share PKGBUILDs using the Arch User Repository. It does not contain
> any binary packages but allows users to upload PKGBUILDs that can be downloaded
> by others. These PKGBUILDs are completely unofficial and have not been thoroughly
> vetted, so they should be used at your own risk.

secondly as i understand it, the PCR contains both PKGBUILDs and binary packages - i am assuming that the raeson for suggesting to remove them now is because they take up space - but the AUR is entirely PKGBUILDs which are just tiny text files that occupty only a negligable amount of space and therefore those could be kept available indefinitely - the only valid reason for removing them (other than freedom issues) would be if they are so old that will not build any more

from the archwiki:

> What is the difference between the Arch User Repository and the community repository?
> The Arch User Repository is where all PKGBUILDs that users submit are stored,
> and must be built manually with makepkg. When PKGBUILDs receive enough community
> interest and the support of a TU, they are moved into the community repository
> (maintained by the TUs), where the binary packages can be installed with pacman. 

so i am suggesting that the PCR stores only PKGBUILDs that are installable at any time but only with the makepkg tool not directly in binary form with pacman - and that anyone is allowed to publish these without having the any credentials on the main production repo - in this way those package can remain available even if they are not maintained by anyone (for as long as they do not become broken) then parabola can state that those are "unofficial" and possibly broken or unmaintained so use at you own risk
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