[Dev] libretools 20170709.1 release announcement

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at lukeshu.com
Mon Jul 10 01:41:30 GMT 2017

I just released libretools 20170709.1 (and shortly before it, a
slightly buggier 20170709) to [libre], and pushed the source tarball
to <https://repo.parabola.nu/other/libretools/>.

This is pretty much a bugfix release from 20170705, but also a minor
change, and localization in to Spanish.

Bugfixes from 20170512 to 20170705:

 - librechroot:

   * The `-n` flag (which selects the chroot to use) was being
     ignored; falling back to the configured default in `chroot.conf`.
     It was not ignored by `libremakepkg`, which resulted in weird
     errors when `libremakepkg` tried to call `librechroot`

 - librerelease:

   * Previously, there had been a sequence of `rmdir` commands; some
     of which were expected to fail.  Because of a change in its error
     handling in v20170705, that failing `rmdir` caused it to quit
     before it told the server to run `db-update`. This is now fixed.

   * Now runs HOOKPOSTRELEASE in the current directory, instead of

 - librexgettext:

   * There were so many problems with it extracting messages for the
     messages.sh `flag` command.

   * Error messages about incorrect usage are now on stderr instead of

Changes from 20170512 to 20170705:

 - build system:

   * The $(docdir) configuration item now works the same way as it
     does for GNU programs.  The default is
     `/usr/share/doc/libretools/`, and it installs the documentation
     there; before the default was `/usr/share/doc/` and it installed
     the documentation files to `$(docdir)/libretools/`.

 - Localization into different languages:

   * The package has mostly been localized in to Spanish.  If you have
     your locale set to Spanish, you'll start seeing messages from
     libretools in Spanish.  Thanks, David ("megver83")!

   * Translators no longer need to install `ruby-ronn`; they can have
     it avoid running those commands by running `make
     po/files.generate` -- the po/HACKING instructions have been
     updated to reflect this.

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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