[Dev] Calamares Installer (Parabola rebranded) almost ready

fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Fri Jul 7 12:40:28 GMT 2017

mcgregor at mailoo.org writes:
> I don't know if it's feasible, but a compromise could be a 2 panes tmux
> or screen. In one of them would be a cli based install similar to
> debian, but that shows you the command before running it, and in the
> other one the install guide page for this step. It seems to me that this
> would remain close to the diy aspect, since the user would have to take
> the decisions, while assisting new users in understanding the process,
> and remaining in the cli, which I believe is important and fun to keep.

i think this is a great idea!  plus an easy keybinding to move between
panes (the tty doesn't recognize ctrl + arrows to move between tmux
windows for instance) and more importantly locally installed wiki
articles so you don't depend on internet connection (iirc if you have
wifi the installer tells you to learn netctl?)

what i'd like to see and i haven't had time to do it myself for years is
an installer iso that rsync's itself into the new root instead of
downloading all packages from internet and installing them.  that way
you can do fast installs without internet connection (or having to move
to an ethernet connection because it's self configured).

does someone want to work on this approach?  ping me here or over irc?

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