[Dev] Calamares Installer (Parabola rebranded) almost ready

Josh Branning lovell.joshyyy at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 21:17:35 GMT 2017

Perhaps a future option would be to use something like xdialog or 
gtkdialog for the graphical installer, as most users will want to 
install X.org or GTK on or with the graphical install anyway 
(introducing less dependencies). That way it could be based on the CLI 
sh install scripts.

But I think for now Calamares is adequate and requires less work (it's 
apparent that much work has been put into Calamares already), but 
priority wise and without extremes, yes;

CLI iso:
1. fairly 'minimal'
2. fairly 'usable'

Graphical iso:
1. fairly 'usable'
2. fairly 'minimal'

The reasons why it should be usable is fairly obvious.

The reasons why it should be minimal is (in no order):
1. To save space.
2. So that you could compile it all.
3. Less compliated --> less breakages.

Note: Requires balance.

All based on my personal opinion and prejudices of course,


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