[Dev] Calamares Installer (Parabola rebranded) almost ready

Megver83 megver83 at openmailbox.org
Thu Jul 6 20:35:23 GMT 2017

El 06/07/17 a las 16:31, Winter Taylor Jones escribió:
> Yes I agree. I meant the command line  iso, and a graphical desktop ISO.
> I guess it would be in total 3 including the speech enabled iso.

Like actually is :P
but with Calamares

> On 07/06/2017 01:27 PM, bill-auger wrote:
>> On Thu, Jul 06, 2017 at 01:20:32PM -0700, Winter Taylor Jones wrote:
>>> We could make two versions of the ISO, one that is manual install, like
>>> Arch, and one that has a graphical installer, such as Manjaro.
>> there are already 3 ISOs - the classic CLI install ISO - a speech-enabled ISO based on the classic CLI ISO - and the graphical desktop ISO
>> it make no sense to make another one if the only difference is the one installer program is different both cammand line and graphical installer could easily exists side-by-side but i can not see why anyone wuold want to use the CLI installer if they downloaded a graphical ISO - if they want to CLI install they coud have downloaded the CLI ISO which is significantly smaller in size

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