[Dev] new graphical liveCD ISO

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Thu Jul 6 16:12:15 GMT 2017

ok cool i thought and openrc ISO would be interesting to ppl - as i said though, the openrc ISO is not working yet but i will keep you guys posted

i chose LXDE mostly because it is easy to configure using flat-files and all - because i wanted it to be easy to boot the CD and make customiztions (like the theme) and then easily transfer those change back outside into the build tree - many people do not care for LXDE but that is not important - i am working to streamline the entire process so that many WM/DE combinations are available - LXDE for now is a good compromise on simplicity and feature set while developing - it sertainly does not need to be "The" parabola desktop

> I am not 100% sure about the installer. Can the ISO be built without?

i am not clear what you are asking here - as i said, currently i did not yet put the calamares on the CD - so it is not only possible, but that is indeed how the current demo is at this moment - the calamares installer is going to be just another package so can be easily installed or not - that is actually the reson i did not put it in - because i would like to get that package into the repos first - but without and installer you only have a liveCD environment with no persistence - i dont see how it would make any difference if the installer were left out - one does not need to run the installer just because it is there - maybe i am mis-understanding the question

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