[Dev] Parabola as an option for Purism Librem laptops

Mladen Pejaković mladen.pejakovic at puri.sm
Thu Jul 6 10:46:59 GMT 2017

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On 06.07.2017 02:01, Josh Branning wrote:
> As I mentioned, I am not officially affiliated with parabola but I
> can't see why you shouldn't be able to do this, parabola being free
> software and all. The only problem you might have is if someone who
> buys a key asks for the sources, then you'd still have to supply them
> in a reasonable time frame, because of the licensing conditions.

I see what you mean, we will think about this.

> The best way to see if the iso will run on a usb key, is to dd the iso
> yourself and test. It shouldn't be too difficult; you appear
> proficient enough. And I think you may be correct in thinking that
> this should work.

I'm experienced Arch/Parabola user and have already tested both basic
and Mate ISOs, everything simply works. :) We will think whether we will
offer just basic system or the Mate live session.

> The licence (GPL) also states that there are no extra restrictions
> (eg. commercial): You are allowed to sell copies. Of course, you
> cannot change the terms of the licence without everybody who
> contributed to the parabola base agreeing, so legally you must make
> sure that you are able to provide the sources, if they are requested
> by your customers.
> As you or your customers are, or will be, generally using the usb as
> an installation medium, that should run in ram (may be wrong on this),
> and not a 'portable installation' of parabola, really you shouldn't
> need to pacstrap. Instead, dd should suffice and be just fine.
> Someone can correct me if anything I have said is wrong or out of the ordinary,
> Josh
>> I'll try to answer to multiple questions at once.
>> First to clear things a bit: we do not want to fork Parabola GNU/Linux.
>> We find it great as it is and we want to provide it to our customers AS
>> IT IS. Since we are more leaned towards Debian GNU/Linux, we are using
>> our PureOS (derivative of Debian but GNU FSDG compliant - or at least
>> that's what we are trying to accomplish) as our base system.
>> Bottom of line: we simply want to get the official ISO image from your
>> website and "burn" it (with `dd` or something like that) to an USB key.
>> If you have other suggestion for us regarding this, we are listening.
>> Parabola GNU/Linux will be optional, on an USB key, charged only a small
>> fee for the device itself (we don't intend to have any margins here).
>> Cheers,

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