[Dev] Calamares Installer (Parabola rebranded) almost ready

Megver83 megver83 at openmailbox.org
Wed Jul 5 19:49:10 GMT 2017

Hi, in the time I've developing for Parabola, I've seen a lot of people
who aren't able to install Parabola because of the low experience with
CLI. Well, now I'm bringing a possible solution: Calamares.


It is not ready yet, but I'm almost done. Some dependencies have been
uploaded to [pcr], however, as it is Parabola rebranded, I was thinking
about uploading Calamares to [libre]. Note that an important dependency,
pythonqt, was not compiled for i686 because I was unable to (it's
available in the AUR), so if any other packager can, plz.

You can see screenshots here -->

If anyone wants to help for translations, feel free contact me.

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