[Dev] Parabola as an option for Purism Librem laptops

fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Wed Jul 5 13:29:34 GMT 2017

Mladen Pejaković <mladen.pejakovic at puri.sm> writes:

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> Hello Parabola community!
> I myself am a longtime Arch Linux user, and since about a year ago, I
> started with Parabola, too. But now I will speak for the Purism, SPC.
> For all of you who haven't heard about us: in short, we are trying to
> manufacture laptops ("Librem") that will be completely free from
> proprietary/binary software and firmware. You can find out more about
> our goals and current status on our website: https://puri.sm.
> Now, to the point. Besides our PureOS (Debian based OS, without
> non-free), we want to offer other distros as an option to our customers.
> Those will come on an USB drive, with small fee just to cover the USB
> cost and labour. We are considering to offer Parabola live install image
> as well, therefore, we want to ask if this is okay with the Parabola
> community?
> We decided to go for Parabola because we did some research and we found
> it to be the most "free" of all other endorsed distros, as well as we
> think its bleeding edge software can support our hardware without
> problems. We even based our own process of liberating our PureOS on
> Parabola's "your-freedom" blacklist.
> I'll be happy to answer any of your question, and I'm inviting you to
> check out our forums (https://forums.puri.sm/), tracker/wiki
> (https://tracker.pureos.net/) and perhaps jobs list
> (https://puri.sm/jobs/).

hi!  personally i don't see why not, the machines look awesome!  but i
haven't looked at it carefully, so don't take my answer as a yes until
more people replies :)

other vendors have offered to place a small donation to us on every
device sold with parabola, is that something you do?  we aren't able to
receive donations currently, so maybe it's something to revisit in the

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