[Dev] libretools 20170117 release announcement

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 18 02:32:56 GMT 2017

I just released libretools 20170117 to [libre], and pushed the source
tarball to <https://repo.parabola.nu/other/libretools/>.

This is mostly a bugfix release to version 20160609, most importantly
that it works with the updated servers.

Fixes from 20160609 to 20170117:
 * libretools.conf defaults:
   - Push packages to "repo.parabola.nu" instead of "parabola.nu", as
     they are no longer the same host.
 * librerelease:
   - Instead of hardcoding the path to `db-update` on the server, use
     PATH to find it.

Minor changes from 20160609 to 20170117:
 * libretools.conf defaults:
   - Change projects.parabola.nu URLs to git.parabola.nu.  This should
     avoid the round-trip delay of a redirect, but not really affect
 * librefetch
   - Fix a typo in the man-page.
   - Change what the output of the post-install script looks like.

As a supplementary note, some users were reporting issues from
librechroot when the output is piped (which affects libremakepkg).
This is being caused by a bug in Linux 4.9.  Because of this and other
bugs in 4.9, I have downgraded the linux-libre package to 4.8.14-gnu
(with pkgver=4.9.4_4.8.14_gnu, so that users will get it without any
special intervention).  This reflects Arch Linux's decision to also
avoid 4.9 (they are still on 4.8.13).

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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