[Dev] Website Maintenance

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jan 17 20:22:05 GMT 2017

On Sat, 14 Jan 2017 14:20:59 -0500,
Luke wrote:
> Just a notification that scheduled website maintenance is underway
> 1/14/17 to fix security issues and migrate parts of our services to
> another server.
> Expect temporary downtime while maintenance while this is underway.
> Join #parabola IRC on freenode to keep up with the latest events.
> Luke

The scheduled maintenance/migration is completed.

Notes about maintenance:

 - Proton rebooted and had downtime, but not due to the maintenance.
   Ask n1m4d for details.

 - There was still a logging hiccup around the reboot because of
   collectd starting before the timesync.  It seems that timesyncd is
   sending READY=1 before it has actually synced, which is wrong.

Notes about migration:

 - repo and repomirror have moved from Proton to Winston.  Some users
   may continue to hit Proton for these; the DNS records have 24hour
   TTLs.  Proton will continue to function in this capacity (although
   outdated) for as long as necessary (until at least Friday).

 - www.parabola.nu/packages is not updating since migrating.  The
   solution is to either move www to Winston, or to expose Proton's
   PostgreSQL to the network (either the Internet, or lvpn (Proton is
   on lvpn, Winston is currently not) and have reporead run on Winston,
   talking over the network to Proton's PostgreSQL.

 - The libretools' libretools.conf default for REPODEST= will no
   longer work; the authority-part needs to be changed to
   repo at repo.parabola.nu; though packagers might prefer to use
   repo at winston.parabola.nu if they do not yet see the DNS changes
   from their DNS server.  A libretools release with updated defaults
   is blocked by a systemd bug, but should be coming soon.

Ongoing work:

 - The above reporead and libretools issues.

 - I'm hereby scheduling another maintenance for Friday (2017-10-20)
    * Update parabola-hackers(-nshd) on Winston
    * Deploy parabola-hackers(-nshd) on Proton
    * Generally -Syu Winston.
    * Possibly deploy holo-files on both.

Happy hacking
~ Other Luke

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