[Dev] CrazyToon has passed away

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Tue Dec 26 19:17:22 GMT 2017

> A former Parabola contributor, CrazyToon, has passed away earlier
> today, December 26th at 4:40 AM UTC, at the age of 60.
> On September 30th, he suffered two cerebral aneurysms and intracranial
> hemorrhages.  Surgery was performed on October 13th and he entered
> into coma until November 1st.  On November 10th, he suffered two
> cerebral strokes and lost all possibility of recovering his health.
> He proceeded to have catatonic stupor state, hard convulsions,
> continuous high pressure, fever and general hemorrhages.
> He will be remembered as the father of two other Parabola
> contributors, Andr� Silva ("Emulatorman") and M�rcio Silva ("coadde");
> for his artwork, including Parabola's mascot; as a Free Software and
> Free Culture activist; and as a founder of the Hyperbola project.
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> ~ Luke Shumaker
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