[Dev] problems with replacements for blacklisted packages

Isaac David isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info
Fri Dec 22 22:37:03 GMT 2017

Luke Shumaker wrote :
> I wrote a little pyalpm script for finding blacklist replacements (as
> in the second column in blacklist.txt).

cool. i'm eager to compare it against the one i wrote for
libreblacklist using expac.[1][] i'm hoping that we will
move forward with the idea sketched in [2][].

from your observations it seems that yours is doing more than just
finding replacements, like delving into pkgbase and splits, and
checking for accompanying provides=().

> I'll be polishing it up and committing it soon, but it did identify a
> few problems/concerns.
>  - unrar is replaced by both libre/unar and pcr/gna-unrar.  libre/unar
>    should drop the replaces=(unrar) line, and pcr/gna-unrar should be
>    moved to libre.

you packaged pcr/gna-unrar :)

>  - tensorflow has several other versions that are not blacklisted:
>    tensorflow-opt and tensorflow-opt-cuda.  I think that this is an
>    argument toward prioritizing switching to pkgbase-based
>    blacklisting.

sounds practical from a your-freedom perspective, but it will require
that dbscripts learns how to expand pkgbase for a given Arch
package, or something like that.

i'm thinking of the import script specifically: there's one entry per
pkgname in the databases, and pkgbase only exists as metadata IIRC.
keeping the specificity might be more practical in the end.

>  - b43-fwcutter is not replaced by, but is provided by
>    libre/b43-tools.  For one, I am flabbergasted that whatever freedom
>    issues b43-fwcutter has aren't also issues with b43-tools.
>    Secondly, b43-tools should probably replaces=(b43-fwcutter), or be
>    renamed to b43-fwcutter.

i'm scratching my head over this too. their respective PKGBUILDs
aren't like each other, but where does b43-tools even come from? it's
not in the AUR.

[2]: https://lists.parabola.nu/pipermail/dev/2017-October/005936.html

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