[Dev] GNU Cash broken and gone from repositories?

Marcel Röthke marcel at roethke.info
Tue Dec 19 12:20:52 GMT 2017

On 17.12.2017 15:42, nospam at curso.re wrote:
> Hello,
> I was trying to run gnucash today and got the following error
>> $ gnucash
>> gnucash: error while loading shared libraries: libenchant.so.1: cannot
>> open shared object file: No such file or directory
> OK, I remember seeing an upgrade to enchant, I'll try to rebuild gnucash
> against the new version... but I could find the PKGBUILD only in AUR[1].
> I could not find trace of gnucash in either the Arch nor the Parabola
> repos.  In fact, pacman -Ss gnucash returns no result.
> Does anyone have any pointers to solve this issue? Thanks!

gnucash was removed from the arch repos because in depends on the
unmaintained and therefore unsafe webkitgtk2 package. The gnucash devs
are changing that afaik, but it takes time.

> FTR, the details of the package are (strangely, there is no dependency
> on enchant):

While gnucash itself does not depend on enchant, webkitgtk2 does.
Rebuilding the later unfortunately takes a lot of time, even more so
because it is in a split package with webkitgtk(the gtk3 version),
however you can modify the pkgbuild to only build the gtk2 version.

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