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Isaac David isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info
Wed Dec 20 05:55:19 GMT 2017

bill-auger wrote :
 > it should be said though, as i have noted elsewhere, that in most
 > typical cases the parabola mirrors never get hit

well, that assumes most users never change the default setting.

 > if the redirector is the first mirror to try it directs to arch
 > servers and the speed is very slow (by todays standards) - for me
 > typically about 200kb/s

should i read that as kilobits...?, because i'm getting several tens
of times that speed, although i must admit i normally use my own,
mirror for obvious testing reasons.

 > do the parabola mirrors carry all of the upstream packages also?

yes, unless excluded by mirror owners.

 > perhaps it is time to stop redirecting to arch or have 2 redirectors 
 > a new high priority one that redirects only to parabola mirrors and
 > the existing redirector moved down to a lower priority

i think the whole point of going with that order was to offload
repo.parabola.nu first of all, but also our mirrors, which aren't that
numerous. i like the idea of leveraging Arch. if speed is the concern
then we can think of going with faster ones (shouldn't be too hard
to change). surely there must be many.

Isaac David
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