[Dev] texlive-core problem, and repairs

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at math.utah.edu
Wed Dec 6 15:14:07 GMT 2017

I built a new machine running Hyperbola 0.2.1 in our test farm of
Unix(-like) systems, and successfully installed more than 650
packages on it with "pacman -Sy", based on a similar list from
an Arch Linux system in the farm.

One package, texlive-core, failed to install completely, however,
and I diagnosed the problem, and found a workaround logged in
these system notes:

When I installed texlive-core, I found that the installation step
failed because of missing Czech fonts (.../cs/cs*.mf).  A comparison
with Arch Linux showed that Hyperbola is missing many files:

		# pacman -Fl texlive-core | wc -l

		# pacman -Fl texlive-core | wc -l

I was able to temporarily repair the problem like this:

	# fmtutil-sys --listcfg
	# fmtutil-sys --disablefmt csplain
	# fmtutil-sys --disablefmt cslatex
	# fmtutil-sys --all

Now the Czech fonts are disabled, and the remaining *.fmt files are created:

		# find /var/lib/texmf/web2c -name '*.fmt' |wc -l
		# find /var/lib/texmf/web2c -name '*.fmt' |wc -l

It is unclear why almost 8000 files are missing from texlive-core
compared to the package on Arch Linux.  

I'm a member of the TeX Live team that prepares the annual releases,
and I have TeX installed on almost 200 systems in the farm without
ever seeing a problem like this, until I build the Hyperbola system.

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