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fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Thu Apr 27 19:08:52 GMT 2017

Robert Alessi <alessi at robertalessi.net> writes:

> Hi Everyone,
> Now that things have seemingly settled down, may I suggest to make
> some kind of a "Credits Page" where it would be possible to learn
> about who did (or does) what for Parabola?
> I have no capacity whatsoever to ask for this, but I think that having
> such a page published would be fair to the developers who did
> contribute _a lot of their time_, even if—and if I may say so
> especially if—they are no longer part of the project.
> It would also be very convenient for them to have a well documented
> page to refer to in their resume.
> Many thanks for your attention and all the best to the team!

look for "hackers" and "support staff" (which i think should be removed)
on parabola.nu :)

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