[Dev] [EOMA68] early access to hardware for parabola ARM maintainers?

Andreas Grapentin andreas at grapentin.org
Thu Apr 27 04:52:40 GMT 2017

Hello everyone,

I represent the hackers in charge of maintaining the parabola ARM port.

As you know, the 'libre tea' computer card will be shipped with parabola
preinstalled, and we are currently working hard on getting our ARM port in
shape. Unfortunately, at the moment we have two problems:

 a) lack of compute resources - we need some actual ARM boards of the
    right architecture to build - and especially test - packages

 b) lack of information - we don't know enough about the particularities
    of the EOMA68 cards to be able to tell how well our port works on them

Hence my question: would be possible for us to get early access to a
couple of the EOMA68 devices in advance, so that we can make sure that
our ARM port is up and running when the cards are to be shipped?

We are very excited about this project (many of us have actually
pre-ordered cards), and we want to be able to deliver the best possible
version of our GNU/Linux distribution that we can produce.



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