[Dev] [warning] latest gnome 3.24 upgrade can cause error, cant login into gnome

Dika SP dikasetyaprayogi at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 13:38:25 GMT 2017

 For user who cant login into gnome anymore after upgrading to 3.24, also
if your gdm becomes blinking blank. in case that just like me

 Im doing some research and found out that these problematic packages in
extra repo:
 Has a bug that can cause segmentation fault with gtk3, therefore you will
kicked back to login screen or your gdm becomes broke, downgrading those to
3.22 will fix everything

1.install those package
3.test login to gnome
4.see your system log

 Other gnome upgrade just run fine and you still can use those newest gnome
apps, I suggest to put this warning on parabola news if many user has been
affected too

 Btw my status:
1.asus u36sd laptop
2.parabola linux-libre-4.10.12_gnu-2.x86_64
3.run on ssd drive
4.gnome 3.24-1
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