[Dev] the future of arm support

fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Tue Apr 25 17:26:32 GMT 2017

Andreas Grapentin <andreas at grapentin.org> writes:

> If getting EOMA cards ahead of time is an option, I would approve of
> that. It would give us some headway in getting the port in shape.
> Alternatively, I have a handful of raspberrypi SoCs idle around here,
> which we could use as build slaves if necessary.
> I agree that a lot of the process could, and definitely should,
> probably be automated.

no need to use them as build machines, you can have a cross-toolchain on
a more powerful machine and launch libremakepkg + distcc from an arm

it would be awesome if libretools could cross-build packages without the
need of a native board, like openwrt does.

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