[Dev] the future of arm support

Bill Auger mr.j.spam.me at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 16:19:11 GMT 2017

> also, not that you asked but,

actually i sort of did ask - when i brought this up on the IRC
yesterday - fauno suggested that this should be discussed on the
mailing list

i added myself and oaken-source to the etherpad as potential arm
packagers as there is presumably much work to be done and little time
- but i say "potential" because i do not have an arm device to test on
- oaken-source has only a raspberry which as i understand requires
blobs to boot but perhaps could run arch to verify packages - simply
cross-compiling and hoping stuff works is clearly not optimal so it
does seem that someone should acquire one of the EOMA devices,
preferably before they are released publicly

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