[Dev] If you are having problems with "David P. <megver83 at openmailbox.org>" keys

jc_gargma jc_gargma at iserlohn-fortress.net
Mon Apr 24 22:41:16 GMT 2017

> i was going to say we already did that but when gnupg 2.1 broke hkps we
> rolled it back to hkp.  if it's working now we should change it back to
> hkps :)
Since GnuPG 2.1.20, if no keyserver is set, the keyserver will default to 
hkps://hkps.pool.sks-keyservers.net using the included pem
or hkp://jirk5u4osbsr34t5.onion if called with --use-tor

I just tried refreshing pacman-keyring with no keyserver or hkp-cacert set, 
and it called 

It's mainly remembering to terminate dirmngr and gpg-agent after changing any 
gnupg .conf files to apply the changes.

> some time ago we were including a cronjob that did this for you.  now i
> see we're providing a systemd service and timer to run refresh-keys, so
> it should be:
>     systemctl restart pacman-keyring.service # for manual refresh
>     systemctl enable pacman-keyring.timer    # for weekly refreshes
I see those now. Thanks. ^_^

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