[Dev] [RFC] Deprecate Parabola Iceweasel in favor of Triquel Abrowser

Megver83 megver83 at openmailbox.org
Sun Apr 23 01:55:28 GMT 2017

I'm not sure about this migration. I remember that when I used 
Trisquel's abrowser, it was very buggy and many users complained (up to 

I do not know if Trisquel's version is the latest, if that is the case, 
I oppose to this migration. However, it could be added to 
[libre-testing] to see how it works, and if it does well, we replace 
iceweasel with abrowser and provide some instructions for a migration of 
addons and configurations.

El 22/04/17 a las 12:20, Luke Shumaker escribió:
> Hi all,
> Someone reported via parabolaweb that Iceweasel is out of date, so I
> began to look in to how to update it (having been the original
> packager of Iceweasel when it first came to Parabola; before handing
> it off to Emulatorman).
> When I first added Iceweasel, it was by mimicking ConnOS (our then
> sister distro), and imported Debian's rebranded Firefox.
>   (This had the added benefit that Debian applied portability patches
>   to support architectures that Firefox upstream didn't support; this
>   was very useful when we had MIPS support)
> However, ConnOS no longer exists as an Arch derivative (it shut down
> for a while, then came back as a Gentoo derivative), and Iceweasel no
> longer exists in Debian; Debian now ships proper Firefox.  I hadn't
> realized that about a year ago "Debian Iceweasel" became "Parabola
> Iceweasel" and Emulatorman began maintaning the Iceweasel patches
> outside of Debian.
> Trisquel Abrowser is Trisquel's rebranded Firefox (and is distinct
> from (the former?) Ubuntu Abrowser).  It is maintained by quidam, who
> is also the maintainer of GNU IceCat.  We always had to maintain a set
> of patches *on top of* Debian's patches, to address FSDG concerns; if
> we import from Trisquel, that maintenance effort goes away.
>   (I also expect this to take care of architecture-patching; Trisquel
>   inheritys from Ubuntu which inherits from Debian; but it this isn't
>   a sure thing, it is possible that we may have to still deal with
>   pathing for ARM.)
> I think that it makes sense to cooperate with Trisquel, rather than
> duplicate the effort.
> As for having both Abrowser and IceCat; Abrowser tracks the latest
> Firefox release, IceCat tracks Firefox-ESR (Extended Support Release).

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