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oh, i forgot to mention, does anyone here knows how to build the
keyring? could maybe a bot or autobuilder be implemented for this?

El 21/04/17 a las 19:37, Megver83 escribió:
> OK guys, here's a proposal for some core packages:
> uboot (all): Isacdaavid linux-libre (from AUR): Megver83 systemd:
> lukeshu (since Parabola uses a custom version maintained by him)
> Isacdaavid, if you think maintaining uboot it's too much, I can
> help you by maintaining linux-libre for all architectures. And
> about uboot, can you continue with the development of the grub
> version? since linux-libre for ARM now offers an initramfs, it is
> possible to have grub without having to patch it to disable the
> support (as Emulatorman told me he did)
> fauno: can you put this proposed distribution in the pad, please?
> Thanks guys.
> El 21/04/17 a las 10:51, fauno escribió:
>> Isaac David <isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info> writes:
>>> Megver83 requested on irc that somebody else made the list.
>> thanks!
>>> this one contains all the split packages in Parabola-only repos
>>>  (e.g. libre, nonprism, pcr) except for mips64el ones. some 
>>> packages are repeated because they are built by different
>>> people for different architectures, so this is rather a list of
>>> unique packager+pkgname combinations.
>>> numbers may look more daunting than they really are because of
>>>  the base-package/split-package distinction, but they should
>>> give us a sense of the proportion of work that needs to be
>>> done.
>>> $ cut -d ' ' -f 1,2 packagers.txt | sort | uniq -c | sort -n
>>> 1 Jorge Lopez 2 Drtan Samos 2 Guest One
>> this guy hasn't been around for ages.  we asked him to leave 
>> because of his constant sexist remarks on the irc channel (and 
>> that's why we have an irc policy)
>>> 3 Michał Masłowski 3 Unknown Packager
>> wtf, i guess someone forgot to configure makepkg.conf :P
>> Unknown Packager libre/uboot-tools Unknown Packager 
>> libre/vboot-utils Unknown Packager pcr/quackle
>>> 5 Jorge Araya 6 Charles Roth 8 aurelien DESBRIERES 11 Esteban 
>>> Carnevale 15 Aurélien Desbrières 22 Aurélien DESBRIÈRES 33
>>> David P. 40 Aurelien DESBRIERES 41 Nicolás Reynolds 64 Luke R.
>>> 84 Luke Shumaker 129 Márcio Silva 238 Isaac David 495 Omar Vega
>>> 807 André Silva
>>> also, don't forget to factor in other tasks like maintaining
>>> the ISOs
>> do we need to maintain so many kernels?  are people using them?
>> i think we need to give priority to stuff in [libre] anyway,
>> which is a lot to start D:
>> i put them all here:
>> https://pad.kefir.red/p/ParabolaPackages
>> i put my name on the ones i can maintain
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