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André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Fri Apr 21 21:00:04 GMT 2017

On 04/21/2017 08:32 PM, Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic wrote:
> On 21.04.2017 23:20, André Silva wrote:
>> On 04/21/2017 22:28 PM, Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic wrote:
>>> If, however, the shipping can be paid for online with a VISA card, then
>>> Ceata can pay directly and this could save us the time and money to do a
>>> reimbursement.
>> I will looking for if Correo Uruguayo contains credit card support, or
>> else we should use another international services such as FedEx [0]
>> since i think it contains credit card support for international
>> shipping, but you need open an account for it, what do you think?
>> [0]:https://www.fedex.com/uy_english/
> Please check with Correo. For FedEx, we'd need to know the estimated
> cost for the shipping.
> Tiberiu

I didn't find options about it in Correo. For FedEx, there's a pdf that
contains the shipping costs from Uruguay in U$D [0]. I suggest you read
from the page 5 that is "FedEx International Economy".


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