[Dev] About non-monetary donations

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic tct at ceata.org
Fri Apr 21 19:28:59 GMT 2017

On 21.04.2017 18:20, André Silva wrote:
> On 04/21/2017 02:25 PM, André Silva wrote:
>> * 1x BeagleBone Black rev.C
>> * 5x Jumper DuPont wire
>> * 1x FT232R USB UART device
>> * 1x USB-miniUSB cable
>> Let me know if it is ok and the address to send it to the arm port
>> hackers, or other hacker that wants to work on the arm port. I let you
>> know about the shipping costs.

> I've found the shipping rates to you check it [0], i suggest you read
> MERCADERÍA". From there, you can check what's the best option/country
> for you.

The BBB weights under 50g (=0.05kg), plus the weight of the accessories,
of the box and of the bubble envelope, it might slightly exceed 0.1kg,
but it should not go over 0.25kg. For Economy shipping (with tracking
number), according to the list of prices this should be between 490-680
UYU (15-22 EUR) for most destinations in Europe and Americas, except
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, to which
shipping costs only 275-380 UYU (9-13 EUR).

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

For this total, Ceata will be needing at least the receipt, if the post
office can't issue an invoice for Ceata. If the bubble envelope will be
purchased from a different shop and not at the post office, Ceata will
need the receipt for that purchase too. Based on the receipt(s) and/or
invoice, Ceata will reimburse Emulatorman the shipping costs via Bitcoin
or PayPal (the fee for a bank transfer is too big to consider).

If, however, the shipping can be paid for online with a VISA card, then
Ceata can pay directly and this could save us the time and money to do a

I guess we still need the mailing address of the recipient of this
Parabola hardware.

Please advise,

> [0]:http://www.correo.com.uy/otrosdocumentos/pdf/tarifas/CorreoUruguayo_Tarifas_Ventanillas.pdf

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