[Dev] About non-monetary donations

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Fri Apr 21 14:25:36 GMT 2017

Hi fauno, thanks for the ac converter and the other replacement stuff as
donation from Parabola to us, and thanks Gaming4JC for your personal
donations too. :)

Since the hardware that was being used to maintain the arm port is still
very useful for Parabola, the following ones are:

* 1x BeagleBone Black rev.C
* 5x Jumper DuPont wire
* 1x FT232R USB UART device
* 1x USB-miniUSB cable

Let me know if it is ok and the address to send it to the arm port
hackers, or other hacker that wants to work on the arm port. I let you
know about the shipping costs.


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