[Dev] [Packagers] We have to distribute the maintenance of hacker fellows' packages

fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Fri Apr 21 13:51:34 GMT 2017

Isaac David <isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info> writes:

> Megver83 requested on irc that somebody else made the list.


> this one contains all the split packages in Parabola-only repos
> (e.g. libre, nonprism, pcr) except for mips64el ones. some packages
> are repeated because they are built by different people for different
> architectures, so this is rather a list of unique packager+pkgname
> combinations.
> numbers may look more daunting than they really are because of the
> base-package/split-package distinction, but they should give us a
> sense of the proportion of work that needs to be done.
>     $ cut -d ' ' -f 1,2 packagers.txt | sort | uniq -c | sort -n
>           1 Jorge Lopez
>           2 Drtan Samos
>           2 Guest One

this guy hasn't been around for ages.  we asked him to leave because of
his constant sexist remarks on the irc channel (and that's why we have
an irc policy)

>           3 Michał Masłowski
>           3 Unknown Packager

wtf, i guess someone forgot to configure makepkg.conf :P

Unknown Packager libre/uboot-tools
Unknown Packager libre/vboot-utils
Unknown Packager pcr/quackle

>           5 Jorge Araya
>           6 Charles Roth
>           8 aurelien DESBRIERES
>          11 Esteban Carnevale
>          15 Aurélien Desbrières
>          22 Aurélien DESBRIÈRES
>          33 David P.
>          40 Aurelien DESBRIERES
>          41 Nicolás Reynolds
>          64 Luke R.
>          84 Luke Shumaker
>         129 Márcio Silva
>         238 Isaac David
>         495 Omar Vega
>         807 André Silva
> also, don't forget to factor in other tasks like maintaining the ISOs

do we need to maintain so many kernels?  are people using them?  i think
we need to give priority to stuff in [libre] anyway, which is a lot to
start D:

i put them all here:


i put my name on the ones i can maintain

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