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fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Fri Apr 21 13:30:20 GMT 2017

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic <tct at ceata.org> writes:

> On 21.04.2017 07:59, hellekin wrote:
>> Tiberiu, you should really stop being confrontational and accusatory.
> Bare with me until June 5th. I'm done giving the benefit of the doubt to
> people acting maliciously and trying very hard to damage my and my
> organization reputation, and also rendering the Parabola websites with a
> lot of dead links (for some lame excuse that they wanted to make the
> artwork "better" so they deleted it).
> If I weren't to insist on them returning Parabola hardware, we wouldn't
> be having this discussion now.

i agree with hellekin, it's tiresome for everyone still here :) i just
want it to get over with.  i noticed when you're angry everyone starts
to get pissed at you instead of hearing what you have to say (and others
on a calmer tone get their opportunity to get their message across ;)

IMO emulatorman can keep the ac converter and the other replacement
stuff if he's still using it.  we can consider it a very little in-kind
donation for his work (which we should've distributed before, but that's
another discussion).

the hardware that was being used to maintain the arm port is still
useful to keep working on it and it was donated to parabola, so we'd
like it back, correct?  we can pay the shipment since it's ours.

if it's to me, i won't use it since i don't work on the arm port, so
maybe we can send it directly to the arm port hackers, or other hacker
that wants to work on the arm port and couldn't because of missing
hardware?  otherwise we'll have to pay two shipments.

do you all think this is correct?  can we work from here?

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