[Dev] Clarifications for the artwork that were temporarily removed in Parabola

Crazytoon crazytoon at riseup.net
Thu Apr 20 17:38:26 GMT 2017

Dear Parabola community:

I turn to you again with the aim of raising an issue that I was worrying
for a while.

During the days before the FISL17 event, the art team composed by
coadde, catira and me was speeding up the best possible and in a record
time, the whole environment of the Parabola distro, with free art for a
better presentation for this event.

In this too small schedule, and with the bustle of the production of
illustrations that make up those rules, we accidentally "neglected" (so
to speak), basic rules of what concerns an adequate artistic composition.

Professionally, for an artist, the material that we wish to leave as a
legacy, lacks an adequate composition, since it does not respect the
basic rules of the **golden section** in the exhibition of the
illustrations that are exposed.

At first glance (and I repeat) from the artistic point of view, our
exposure appears to be an amateur thing in its context.

As an example I can cite the following:

* The content of the text is par excellence the protagonist, and never
the illustrations as we can appreciate; So that the excessive volume,
dimension and notoriety of an illustration inevitably diverts attention
to the rule to be exposed.

* The inadequate location of an illustration is also a serious problem,
but worse still is when such illustrations have no connection or
relationship between them.

* The constant repetition of the same illustration, in completely
different subjects, shows a clear lack in the artistic production, since
it makes the exhibition redundant.

But unfortunately what is even worse to the above, is that we discover
major faults that accidentally let them pass, which I quote immediately:

* Many illustrations and drawings, unfortunately were with serious
licensing errors, some even violated the licenses of free art, which at
that time we did not realize.

* Just to cite an example, on the one hand we had illustrations with
CC-BY-SA licenses, and others simply lacked licenses altogether, making
them non-free illustrations that radically violated the social contract.

Because of all this, I repeatedly asked coadde to withdraw all possible
illustrations, to make a thorough study of these errors, but
unfortunately I found more errors than I expected.

For this reason, in my brief farewell [0], I made it clear that **the
withdrawal of this material was temporary**, so I hope you understand
this situation.

Personally I thought that in just a day or two at most, we could solve
these flaws.

In order for you to stay calm, we will sending you the whole pack
through archive.org with the contents of all the illustrations and let
you know when it is ready. Otherwise, please we ask us to give at least
a month's time to fix all these faults.

Without further ado, we apologize for misunderstandings.

A hug for everyone:


P.S. Please, if possible, open a temporary account to make the uploads
(on the wiki) of these improvements too.


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