[Dev] 1984 account information

Quiliro quiliro at riseup.net
Thu Apr 20 05:40:46 GMT 2017

> Ceata is considering extending the agreement with Parabola for another
> year if all the devs that have created problems leave the project.

However advantageous the conditions are with Ceata, I would suggest,
for the good of Ceata and of Parabola, not to continue with the
agreement. The best would be to end it in good terms. The problems
could come up again and again because bad feelings never will heal
unless there is good will. And that is very difficult considering the
past actions.

More maturity is needed and less ping pong hitting each
other between players. Until such maturity is reached, it will happen
again and again. And I am not writting about one side only. A fight is
not with only one fighter.


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