[Dev] I say goodbye to Parabola.

coadde coadde at riseup.net
Tue Apr 18 23:17:50 GMT 2017

At this moment for which I am going through, as well as many in
Parabola, I by my own will left my functions in this distro, so that I
can start a new phase in my life, since I will be focusing my life and
orienting it towards other goals.

It is extremely difficult for me to have reached this resolution, and
much more difficult to communicate you, but in full consciousness I move
away with the deep feeling of duty fulfilled.

From the early years, during which I performed my duties as packager and
artist, I have met many hackers with whom I have formed bonds of
friendship and companionship, and all this means a lot for my life.

In its primordios, Parabola captivated me too much for its condition of
being a distro deep ly adhocratic in its minimum details, nowadays I
feel nostalgia of those moments taking with me these experiences and
memories so beautiful.

Without more, with all affection I send a hug to all:


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