[Dev] Goodbye Parabola

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Tue Apr 18 21:59:06 GMT 2017

Hi guys, after a few days thinking about it and for personal reasons,
i've decided to say Goodbye.

It's a very hard decision for me, but i'm feeling that my cicle ended
here to begin a new one.

Around 2010/2011, i've known this distro thank to Quiliro who suggested
me choose a free distro endorsed by the FSF. In Parabola, i found a cool
community that was adhocratic and democratic in its essence, i've
learned a lot of things such as edit articles in the wiki, packaging,
create isos, make conferences/interviews, etc.

I met fauno and alfplayer in person and a lot of users and devs around
the world from the cyberspace thank to Parabola. In short, i'm very
grateful for these greatest moments in my live that Parabola gave me. I
never forget it, even if we could have differences of opinion, culture,
religion, etc. I'm very grateful to the users that always believe in me,
even to continue in Parabola as maintainer.

I've decided dedicate my life to my family and friends for now. If
someone would get in touch with me, just send a personal email or
looking for me at another freenode channels related to the Free Software
Movement, since i'm unsubscribing here.

Regards and thanks for all,

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