[Dev] My farewell...

Crazytoon crazytoon at riseup.net
Tue Apr 18 21:37:18 GMT 2017

I am writing to you with the aim of informing you of my farewell to this
wonderful distro, in which since the beginning of the 2012 year, I have
accompanied all the activities as enthusiastic. From then on I acquired,
in spite of my late age, the basic concepts of the deep meaning of Free
Software, and its context in general.

However, when, within all distros, I met Parabola and his philosophy of
Freedom that was combined with adhocracy in its total essence, I felt
deeply captivated, since that would determine the birth of a new paradigm.

I know that this decision I am taking is not easy, it is difficult even
to write these words, because in Parabola I found, along with my sons,
my best friends. However, because I must be involved in new projects, it
is my duty and obligation to say goodbye with pain in my heart, but with
the feeling of duty fulfilled, to depart to new horizons.

I will temporarily move my free culture materials, so that I can
immediately make them available to the Free Software Foundation, to all
distros, to the entire community, and I will do so through other means soon.

I hereby declare my retirement in Parabola voluntarily, and I leave with
all my affection to all its members who are my best friends in my
essence in the cause that I have embraced from the heart, which is the
fight for the freedom of cyberspace.

With all affection and without more, I send an affectionate hug to all:


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