[Dev] Q1: Do you have a consensus on the budget for the Build Server?

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic tct at ceata.org
Fri Apr 14 20:25:13 GMT 2017

On 14.04.2017 23:17, Josh Branning wrote:
>>> Really, it's up to GC4J to choose to what entity the build server will
>>> be donated to, if it is to be donated.
>> He meant it for Parabola and asked for partial funding from the Parabola
>> fund, without getting the approval from the community for the spending.
>> Are you really missing the point here?
> He did, but then he went and paid for it himself instead: Very generous
> of him don't you think, regardless of who he donates it to?

I'm sorry, I'm not interested in who plays hero around here after
forcing our hands by breaking the rules. I'm only interested in
completing my pro-bono service for the Parabola project until June 5th.
And I've been accused of a lot of things by people who don't care about
the rules on which this project has organized itself.

Do you honestly believe it's scalable for Parabola to have tyrants who
play heroes when things go south?


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