[Dev] Removal of my hacker profile from the website

fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Fri Apr 14 20:11:30 GMT 2017

Charles Roth <encycl at parlementum.red> writes:

> I am quite upset, I feel this is a slap in the face.
> I haven't contributed to packaging lately, but I roam the Fediverse
> advocating for Parabola. I paid for domains for several years, I wrote
> the first wiki pages.
> Who removed me? Why?
> Very disappointed

i think we should move the hackers page to the wiki so we have more
accountability on these kind of changes.

also i just noticed there's a 'support staff' category that comes from
archlinux and wasn't discussed if it really had a place here.  when we
thought about ourselves as parabola hackers we weren't thinking hackers
were the people coding or making packages (in fact a packager was a
package monkey because it's such a dull job) and others would be
support, trusted users or whatnot.

we even had a lengthy discussion about who could have voice and vote and
we decided not to rule ourselves by majority but by consensus, so
everyone involved has a voice on what's going to happen.  (this is why
when people come here asking hackers to do something i tell them they
can do it themselves and be hackers too.)

i propose to remove this category and move the hackers page to the wiki,
if not removing both altogether.  if anyone wants to be there, they can
ask here if others consider them to be listed (community & hackers).

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