[Dev] Q1: Do you have a consensus on the budget for the Build Server?

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic tct at ceata.org
Fri Apr 14 18:58:32 GMT 2017

On 14.04.2017 21:43, Josh Branning wrote:
>> So, my question is: has the Parabola community been presented and have
>> you discussed options and the detailed budget for the new build server?
>> Have you reached a consensus about this for fauno to tell me what needs
>> to paid for?
> Relevant to this question is a response from Luke, gc4j, 06/04/17 23:47.

That response has come with considerable delay, after everything has
become public. I have been asked privately to pay $400 USD on 26/03/17
12:07. That is, 10 days earlier. I consider this private request to
violate both the Parabola Social Contract and Parabola-Ceata Fiscal
Sponsorship Agreement.

On 26.03.2017 12:07, André Silva wrote:
> Hi, i made a final budget for our build server installed in Uruguay.

By 26/03/17 has the Parabola community been presented the exact model of
the server mainboard and a detailed budget of the proposed solution for
the build server? By that date, to your knowledge, has a consensus been
reached for fauno to be able tell me what I have to pay for on behalf of
Ceata from the Parabola fund?

Please let me know.


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