[Dev] Proposals for Fiscal Sponsor Successor

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic tct at ceata.org
Fri Apr 14 17:26:56 GMT 2017


I just finished reading that Bitcoin has become a legal currency in
Japan and moreover,

"Bitcoin trading in Japanese yen is the second-most liquid market
globally, according to data compiled by cryptocurrency trading platform


Since one of the issues brought up by some of the Parabola hackers was
the inability of Ceata to use bitcoins without converting them in the
national currency Romanian Leu (RON), I suggest you contact Niibe Yutaka
(gniibe at fsij.org), the chairman of Free Software Initiative of Japan
(FSIJ), to ask if his organization could become the next fiscal sponsor
for Parabola.


I know that Niibe and FSIJ are providing the translation of gnu.org in

You should work together as a community on the text to send Niibe/FSIJ
and once consensus is reached, one of you could send the e-mail Cc'ing
the mailing list.

I hope this helps,

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