[Dev] An issue that could end up with Parabola

fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Fri Apr 14 13:22:30 GMT 2017

Stig Roar <srw at openmailbox.org> writes:
> I myself find it very odd that no one has even tried to come up with
> some counter-ideas to the subject matter in question. Some devs had some
> great ideas for Parabola's future. One can agree or disagree, but the
> attacks, the accusasions and the name-calling (yes, everyone can lose 
> his or her temper now and again) just went too far, as if someone were
> just waiting for the right moment to finally throw some shit. They finally 
> got their moment, it seems. 

> But what happened to the ideas? What happened to the debate about the
> build server,

ceata was waiting for an stimated weight and size of the package to pay
for the shipment

> the Parabola Store,

no idea what this is because it was never officially proposed

> the offering of services,


> the handelig of the donations et cetera?

i seriously doubt we can have a fiscal sponsor now, given the treatment
ceata received for their gratis service.  i won't be the parabola
delegate in these matters anymore, since i lost trust on some parabola
hackers and i don't want to be in a position where i have to front
people i don't trust and can't work with.  i also seriously doubt they
can handle a relation with a new fiscal sponsor, without making
ridiculous demands, that is.

do you know of any other fiscal sponsor that's willing to handle our

> And what about the idea of supporting (financially also) the devs that
> are working day and night to keep Parabola up to date and therefor a
> secure and safe distro?

perhaps you're missing more context, but we always discussed having more
hackers so the workload can be shared and no one has to work night and
day as you say.  as aurelien predicted a few years ago, the perspective
of money makes people forget we were here for the fun and knowledge of
building with others.

back then i pushed the idea of earning wages doing what we do, too.  i
think it's great.  it's not great when people competes with each other
for a bigger piece of pie.

> Is it so darn difficult to accept (or to forgive) the eagerness and
> the passion of devs doing some brainstorming for the future of
> Parabola? What a few people call a coup and a secret society was in a
> fact a storm of ideas for the love of the community and for
> Parabola. Why is that so hard to accept?  And even if one disagrees on
> how these ideas came to life, one cound have come up with some
> counter-ideas in a polite manner and in a good spirit of growth and
> development.

that's not the problem to me.  i called it a coup and i said i didn't
want to participate in this clique.  some of the ideas were good but had
to be discussed here first, i told them this too.  coming up with a
pre-figured consensus is just a way of forcing the hand of everyone else
and doesn't leave room for substancial changes, just nodding.

as a matter of fact, a few weeks ago lukeshu started a thread where we
were talking about the future and how to organize ourselves better.
these plans weren't mentioned then.

> Frankly I fear that it's too late now, and that this has done more
> harm to the devs in question than we'd like to think. I wouldn't be
> surprised if they already have one foot out and will seek an
> enviorment and a community where their ideas can be watered and grow
> with love and support so that they can do what they do best. And: They
> should be rewarded for it.
> For me the attacks and the accusasions instead of constructive
> counter-ideas says it all. And it's very sad for the future of
> Parabola.

i don't know what it says to you.  as for myself, i'm fed up with the
behaviour of the likes of emulatorman, g4jc, isaacdavid...  calling rms
over to defend them was an awesome move.

to be clear: to me, this is not about personal differences or secret
meetings or people being bullyed.  these guys went ahead and bought a
server and asked for money from parabola funds to ship it.  they didn't
ask first if it was possible for our fiscal sponsor to pay the shipment
or if there was a better price.  fine, they're impatient.  i, not ceata,
asked if we could change some things so we didn't have to spend 400 USD
just in shipment.

we were in the middle of reaching an agreement but then they got in
their heads our fiscal sponsor was stealing from us and putting up
unnecessary bureaucratic requisites to cover for it.  which they were
not, they were just waiting for us to agree on the expenses.  then they
argued they always have to use from their money, like when emulatorman
went to fisl and had to pay 100 USD in transport and food.  i proved to
them emulatorman was reimbursed 200 USD for those expenses over a paypal
transfer, so their claim was bogus, but i didn't read anyone recognizing
this.  i think someone even mentioned it again later.  then they got mad
because they didn't remember our BTC donations, as well as any other
donation, had to be converted to RON so ceata doesn't raise tax evation

all of this landed us with no fiscal sponsorship, which took a lot of
work to build in the first place, and the task of looking for another.
they're not looking for another, everyone else has, so we don't lose
1800 EUR in donations.

what really pisses me off is that i said this three times already, other
people said it too, and they keep victimizing themselves, trying to
discuss tangential issues and placing the blame on others.  are they
asking for forgiveness for making everyone else work night and day too?
they're not even recognizing there's an issue here.

it's ok for me if they want to go, i don't want to work with them

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