[Dev] An issue that could end up with Parabola

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Fri Apr 14 10:01:49 GMT 2017

On Fri, Apr 14, 2017 at 11:18:50AM +0200, Nicolás A. Ortega wrote:
> > 
> > And for finish this mail, I think that many trolls and/or attention whores
> > are subscribing to the maillist for simply make a whole mess for break the
> > good relation between the Parabola Hackers, volunteers, artists and/or
> > contribuitors.
> I would be very cautious about throwing around the word 'troll'. Too
> often have I seen it used against someone simply in order to avoid
> having to reason through their arguments. Yes, there are real trolls who
> are extremely annoying, however this is not the majority of the people
> in any community, but rather a small minority. More often than not
> people simply have good intentions that are misinterpreted as bad by
> those who disagree. Labelling opposing views as 'trolls' will not solve
> any problems, and if anything will worsen the relationships of those in
> the community, as they will become intolerant and stubborn with regards
> to each other's opinions.
> I suggest we think carefully before deciding that someone's opinion is
> not worth having a serious discussion.
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I myself find it very odd that no one has even tried to come up with
some counter-ideas to the subject matter in question. Some devs had some
great ideas for Parabola's future. One can agree or disagree, but the
attacks, the accusasions and the name-calling (yes, everyone can lose 
his or her temper now and again) just went too far, as if someone were
just waiting for the right moment to finally throw some shit. They finally 
got their moment, it seems. 

But what happened to the ideas? What happened to the debate about the
build server, the Parabola Store, the offering of services, the handelig
of the donations et cetera? And what about the idea of supporting
(financially also) the devs that are working day and night to keep
Parabola up to date and therefor a secure and safe distro? Is it so darn
difficult to accept (or to forgive) the eagerness and the passion of devs
doing some brainstorming for the future of Parabola? What a few people
call a coup and a secret society was in a fact a storm of ideas for the
love of the community and for Parabola. Why is that so hard to accept?
And even if one disagrees on how these ideas came to life, one cound
have come up with some counter-ideas in a polite manner and in a good
spirit of growth and development.

Frankly I fear that it's too late now, and that this has done more harm 
to the devs in question than we'd like to think. I wouldn't be surprised if
they already have one foot out and will seek an enviorment and a
community where their ideas can be watered and grow with love and
support so that they can do what they do best. And: They should be
rewarded for it. 

For me the attacks and the accusasions instead of constructive
counter-ideas says it all. And it's very sad for the future of Parabola. 


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