[Dev] An issue that could end up with Parabola

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Thu Apr 13 15:33:40 GMT 2017

Megver83 <megver83 at openmailbox.org> writes:

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> Dear Mr. Richard Stallman:

hi richard, i'm really ashamed you're getting involved in this and the
shitload of emails that'll ensue.  if you take the time to read the fine
selection sent, at least hear the other bell and the full story.

> 	In the last past days (even some years), the Parabola community
> experimented some issues among its members because of the difference
> of ideas. The problem now is that these issues have increased and now
> it has become a big problem, which could end up with Parabola if we
> don't solve it soon. We are telling *you* this because the Parabola
> Community has been divided, and we need a moderator, so we chose you.

this "we" doesn't mean the parabola community, just the guys feeling

> 	Some time ago *some* Parabola devs thought about creating a webstore
> so that devs can work full time for Parabola and get a salary for
> that, at that point it was just like the "brainstorming" when they
> (we) made some virtual meetings. When this idea became a bit more
> known, then other devs, which were not invited nor involved at the
> beginning started to criticize the ones who begun with the idea
> calling our meetings "secret meetings", "meetings without
> transparency" and bullying some other devs like André Silva
> (Emulatorman), insulting and contradicting him, defending themselves
> attacking others.

yes, they were secret because everyone else in the community wasn't
involved.  you're forgetting you also wanted to force our fiscal sponsor
to pay for things you wanted without caring if they could really pay
them, and then accusing them of mishandling our funds.  this forced them
to cut our agreement and everyone else here to find a new fiscal

> 	It is not necessary to say names, we have collected evidence so we
> can prove what I'm saying is true. Please read the attachment, there
> are the names and emails they've sent to the mailing list.

this is a bogus claim.  your corpus is full of names of people that have
called your bullshit.

> 	After all of this, André Silva left the decision of his expulsion to
> the community[1], and many devs and users are on his favor. So we ask

/devs and users/his friends/

> you, please, help us with a wise suggestion or with the decision you
> consider correct and propose it to the community. From my personal
> point of view, I think a disclaimer or sth. similar (code of conduct,
> community rules, etc) has to be created, there is none afaik, perhaps
> that's sth. you can recommend?.

we do have community rules: we have an open list and everything was
always brought here to consensus.


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