[Dev] texlive-latexextra packages require T1 that is not available in Parabola

nospam at curso.re nospam at curso.re
Wed Apr 12 18:54:05 GMT 2017


the wiki page about TeXLive[1] mentions that the some fonts (e.g. T1)
have been stripped off the original Arch package because of incompatible

Unfortunately, many packages in texlive-latexextra require explicitly
the T1 fonts.

For example:


This causes tex files that require those packages to fail compilation. I
tried to replace T1 with QX as suggested in the wiki page and then the
compilation worked OK.

Would it make sense to add the below command in the "prepare" function of
PKGBUILD to replace all occurrences of T1 with QX?

# replace references to T1 with QX
find tex/ -type f -exec sed -i 's/\(.*\)\(\[T1\]\)\({fontenc}.*\)/\1[QX]\3/g' '{}' \;

I tried this and it worked OK, however I have *not* been compiling latex
files that require all the packages. I think it could make sense to give
it a go given that with T1 the latex won't compile. In fact, it could
even encourage users to install the T1 fonts manually.

Many thanks,

-- S.

[1] https://wiki.parabola.nu/TeXLive


I understand that Parabola has a bug tracker, please do let me know
whether you prefer that these kinds of messages are posted there instead
of on the mailing list.

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