[Dev] Some doubts about Parabola's donations

aurelien aurelien at hackers.camp
Tue Apr 11 19:40:46 GMT 2017

Luke Shumaker <lukeshu at lukeshu.com> writes:

> On Mon, 10 Apr 2017 10:22:58 -0400,
> Stig Roar Wangberg wrote:
>>                if one could somehow start a shop, selling t-shirts,
>> cups, stickers,
> To be clear, I want such a shop to exist.  Not even because of funding
> for the project, but because I want to be able to purchase Parabola
> t-shirts, cups, and stickers.  I don't even care if the proceeds from
> it go to an individual hacker who set up the shop.
> Technoethical was selling Parabola stickers at LibrePlanet.  I thought
> it was really cool.
>>                I have not exprerienced any ungratefulness towards any
>> persons, nor towards Ceata. I don't understand those who's taking the
>> personal turn here.
> This looks really weird to an outsider.  There were a bunch of private
> communication that lead up to this point, but it only just now
> errupted onto public forums.  So to someone not privy to those private
> communications, it looks like a sudden unexpected eruption; but it had
> been stewing for a while.
>> I think it would be a huge loss for Parabola and the community if
>> Emulatorman and others leaves Parabola because they didn't find mercy
>> at the king's feet
> I agree; I don't want to see Emulatorman or anyone else leave the
> community.  But, mistakes were made.  The events that lead to Ceata
> (justifiably!) stepping away as our sponsor should have never
> happened.  We need to have a real conversation about what went wrong,
> and how to make sure that those kinds of mistakes don't happen again.

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