[Dev] [consensus][due: 2017-05-01] Emulatorman's expulsion

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Mon Apr 10 15:49:20 GMT 2017

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My answer will be simple: you have done a lot for Parabola and its
community, you deserve more than being expulsed. The Parabola project
depends on all its hackers, from the artists to the packagers.

El 10/04/17 a las 10:02, André Silva escribió:
> Hi guys, since there was a lot of misunderstanding about the
> previous discussion [0], i would share in details a private
> conversation between fauno, the involved Parabola devs and me after
> the pad. Therefore, if i'm to blame for all of it, then i would
> give the decision in the hands of the community to decide my
> expulsion or still wish to stay in Parabola, since it could be the
> best way to solve this issue inside our community, therefore I
> won't respond more emails of this consensus.
> In the private email, g4jc and me were explaining the details and 
> reasons about that pad, Ceata, Roumania and my proposal about open
> a legal entity (offshore). [1]
> I should very much like to clear up that i never had plans to make
> "Tax evasion” without the devs declaring gains in their
> residential countries. In one of those emails i put the following:
> "Obviously, if we use only offshore without a way to declare and
> pay fees and taxes in our residence countries when the money is
> arrived “in our hands”, it is considered “Tax evasion”. Although
> numbers are difficult to ascertain, it is widely believed that
> individuals in wealthy nations unlawfully evade tax through not
> declaring gains made by offshore vehicles that they own."
> Some of our devs were interested about offer Services (technical 
> support, pentesting) and a WebStore to receive money and go toward 
> Parabola developers, as a way to pay their bills, food, inside
> Parabola, otherwise a certain percentage go to Parabola project.
> Those "secret meetings" were a proposal made by me to suggest them 
> prepare and fulfil their ideas before begin the consensus inside 
> Parabola, to the community make a decision under consensus. More
> details about another things you can read in that private email
> [1]
> Afterall, maybe is it my fault? yes or no? i don't know, i prefer
> keep this decision for the community since it is its distro, not
> mine.
> If i should be kick off from Parabola, no problem i will accept it
> and i'll bring the happy memories in Parabola, without exceptions,
> devs and users, in short, the community! Therefore and independent
> of the consensus decision, i would to thank God, all devs, users
> and all people for all, no matter our differences. If i made
> mistakes or bother you, i'm so sorry!
> BTW, don't fight between yourself for my fault, i wish you join
> forces to go ahead together since Parabola is a wonderful distro
> and it need fight for the freedom for its community!
> Someday ago, i remembered about user that said me "Is it a bird? a 
> plane? It's Emulatorman", i would respond him "Thanks, but i'm not
> a hero, i'm as mortal as anyone else, full of defects, I'm just a
> human, not a machine."
> Sincerely, André.
> [0]:https://lists.parabola.nu/pipermail/dev/2017-April/004848.html 
> [1]:https://repo.parabola.nu/other/parabola-emails/private_conversatio
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