[Dev] Some doubts about Parabola's donations

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic tct at ceata.org
Sat Apr 8 10:26:43 GMT 2017

On 08.04.2017 01:58, Isaac David wrote:
> ergo the call for considering cancelling the agreement.

So you admit this is what it was all about with the original post:

Showing dissatisfaction with Ceata's performance as fiscal sponsor, for
Parabola hackers to decide "canceling the agreement" since fauno was not
in accord with your faction. Throw as much dirt towards Ceata to force
the decision.

Well, I understood that and made things easy for you. I on behalf of
Ceata have canceled the agreement. I and my organization don't need this.

I wish you were sincere 12h ago too, when you claimed:

On 08.04.2017 00:13, Isaac David wrote:
> just as obscure is Tiberiu's apologetic reaction to Emulatorman's
> very polite OP. tl;dr version:
> Emulatorman: hey Tiberiu!, we have some doubts about the accounting
> file
> Tiberiu: I know you are dissatisfied, Ceata says goodbye.
> ...gee, I wonder who could have maligned him in the dark to pull out
> before wider discussion took place.

This was never supposed to be a discussion.

And about this:

On 08.04.2017 00:13, Isaac David wrote:
> in any case, the contents of our
> devilish conspiracy were always meant to reach the lists, so observers
> deserve better than listening to your *recollection of events*. here's
> the thing:
> https://pad.riseup.net/p/TYGrGEaO6Twt/timeslider

every coup needs a plan to try give the action legitimacy, right? I'm
sure that this is not the only talk you had behind everyone's backs.

And what is this g4jc: RIP Ceata, Emulatorman: #rip-ceata, coadde:
rip-ceata. Do you really hate Ceata that much? RIP = Death. Is this your
goodbye wish to Ceata? Have you named your communication channel #rip-ceata?

You are so low...


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