[Dev] Some doubts about Parabola's donations

Isaac David isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info
Fri Apr 7 22:58:28 GMT 2017

Le ven. 7 avril 2017 à 16:37, hellekin <hellekin at gnu.org> a écrit :
> How comes adhocracy and
> consensus went to shit when it came to handling money?

well, no consensus was required to cancel the agreement,
and I fail to see how either of those concepts applied to
donations and their handling.

> Blaming Ceata for that

who are you citing exactly?

> when they only performed as they said

nobody claimed they didn't. the claim was that they couldn't
do nearly as much as some hackers wanted from them. ergo the
call for considering cancelling the agreement.

> now you have to find
> another one within 2 months (good luck with that)


section 7.c, "Termination Without a Fiscal Sponsor Successor"
simply says funds stay frozen until a new sponsor is found. 60
days is the grace period between notification and actual
cancellation. there's nothing in the terms per se to worry about.

> I only hope the Parabola community can survive your selfish brat 
> behavior.

I hope you aren't implying that some of our most active
contributors are selfish brats for the sin of wanting to
actually benefit from donations. that would be on a whole new
level of nonsense.

Isaac David
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