[Dev] Some doubts about Parabola's donations

Luke g4jc at openmailbox.org
Fri Apr 7 22:32:35 GMT 2017

On 04/07/2017 09:37 PM, hellekin wrote:
> I had a conversation with fauno.  I'm very disappointed at how things
> were (mis)handled and I am quite upset.  How comes adhocracy and
> consensus went to shit when it came to handling money?  Blaming Ceata
> for that when they only performed as they said they would brought
> Tiberiu to cancel your fiscal sponsorship, bravo, now you have to find
> another one within 2 months (good luck with that).  I only hope the
> Parabola community can survive your selfish brat behavior.
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> hk
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No one bothered to respond to my e-mail which pointed out quite
explicitly the problem I see with Ceata and accepting donations.[1]
Anyone can see it was nearly impossible to use the money Ceata had. It
was going to come to a head sooner or later, and I glad it did now
rather than later.

I am unsure who exactly you are referring to as having "selfish brat
behaviour", but as someone who just happened to stumble upon this mess
when requesting help with postage and hardware for things I already
purchased on behalf of Parabola - I find it ridiculous. It's also nice
that you had a conversation with fauno without discussing it publicly.
If the community wants to split, so be it.

I have never used, nor at this point would ever want any part of your

We can survive without this money, and I think the community will be
much better off for it.
In your previous e-mail you suggested donating it to the FSF, this is a
fine solution - good luck making it happen.

Meanwhile, the free software movement will live and move on.

1. https://lists.parabola.nu/pipermail/dev/2017-April/004894.html

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