[Dev] Some doubts about Parabola's donations

Isaac David isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info
Fri Apr 7 21:13:27 GMT 2017

Le jeu. 6 avril 2017 à 12:51, fauno a écrit :
> then i'm invited to a tox channel where i read some people basically
> think ceata and tct are keeping the money for themselves and their
> task is to recover it, given their "unwillingness" to make expenses on
> our behalf, which i found ridiculous. i mention it looks like a coup,
> since it's a secret meeting to form a consensus out of reach from the
> whole community.

did anyone mention FUD? Beware the sarcasm in my reply...

so they wanted to form a consensus that wasn't a real consensus,
how would that even work fauno?

on what universe does a coup consist of organizing around making
Parabola development more lively and sustainable for more developers,
then writing a pad whereby interested hackers brainstorm their ideas
to be posted for public opinion? perhaps Mr. Adhocracy wanted us to
ask him for his blessing before we got into a pad. also, this wouldn't
have been the first time things are put together in "private" group
conversations and collaboration pads before they reach the mailing
lists, but whatever, welcome to coup #437 everybody!

others have told you already how much of a stretch this is, but
apparently your mind is made up. you would rather double-down on your
first impressions (which by the way you never bothered to confirm with
us on the channels you were invited to afaict... let's talk about
silence and one-sided conclusions there!). just as obscure is
Tiberiu's apologetic reaction to Emulatorman's very polite OP. tl;dr

> Emulatorman: hey Tiberiu!, we have some doubts about the accounting 
> file
> Tiberiu: I know you are dissatisfied, Ceata says goodbye.

...gee, I wonder who could have maligned him in the dark to pull out
before wider discussion took place. in any case, the contents of our
devilish conspiracy were always meant to reach the lists, so observers
deserve better than listening to your *recollection of events*. here's
the thing:


yes, some hackers expressed deep dissatisfaction with the donations
system, citing how slow and difficult it is to deal with, and because
it practically prevents those who would like to make a buck out of
Parabola development from ever seeing a donor. hopefully this won't be
a problem anymore.

> i sustain this even if it offended them.

with all respect, as someone who was barely involved in this affair, I
deride your reaction not as offensive but paranoic.

Isaac David
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