[Dev] Some doubts about Parabola's donations

aurelien aurelien at hackers.camp
Fri Apr 7 08:25:02 GMT 2017


There is secret meeting and then some of you people accuse fauno.

The point is that if money represent trouble by trouble it generate,
secret meeting are more ofen the root of the trouble.

>From my point of view, the need of material and by the way the cost it
represent should be discuss in the mailling list, and as one of the team
member I do not appreciate that you discuss about that secretly.

Because, no, I would not give my point of view about the money, but the
technical interest is my gazoline.

To thus who make that secret I blame you.

To thus who blame fauno, SHAME ON YOU!

Shame on you because you make feel sad someone who give part of his life
on this project and blame him about money trouble that no one have
really the hands on.

I do not blame Ceata by that way but the economical world that make the
things as they are and all of you because you do not understand the
biggest lesson of Free Software which is we are the people, we are unit.

I invite all of you to present a correct solution in front the need of
the servers, a professionnal presentation as excuse to fauno and all
other Dev that you have flawed by you secret society.

I also invite you to share your project with new incomers to the
community, as I have done with Emulatorman in time I share with him the
kernel building function.

No one have to get out, but all of us have to get lesson from that

I also invite you and I do not count me in that to have a look to
mutuellism economical solution.

Last, close that topic and start one as mutuellism from knowledge to

Kind regards.


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