[Dev] Working out a plan of action.

Josh Branning lovell.joshyyy at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 00:36:43 GMT 2017

> I pretty much agree with aurelien in that centralized money in any
> project causes too many problems and frustrations in the long run.
> My idea is that any developer wishing to pursue that could run their own
> small business in a "federated" way.
> e.g. each developer has his/her own personal bank account and deals with
> their own state or national tax laws.
> In most countries, having a bitcoin wallet is allowed as well.
> Developers could then offer services such as real-time tech support,
> pre-installed computers, etc. or just accept donations to their own
> personal accounts.
> This could be mentioned on the Hackers page on our wiki or similar.
> As all of our infrastructure is already federated and donated by
> generous volunteers there is no longer a need to hoard money in a
> general fund.
> If someone would like to help pay for hardware, all that is needed is to
> give a donation to the specific developer in need.

That sounds reasonable.

> Another interesting option that we already have is LiberaPay, e.g. the
> entire project gets money in regular payment intervals that is stored by
> LiberaPay and then each person can get a regular percentage of the
> incoming funds. The idea seems pretty neat, but it still suffers from
> centralization and if it were to take off there could be a dispute over
> who gets what. It is why centralization sucks.

I agree. I foresee the who gets what as a major problem using librepay, 
issues arising about under what criteria can someone join the group, how 
often they contribute, how much they have to contribute etc etc.


One other option would be for bounties for fixing issues on the issue 
tracker, but there might be problems with that too.

As what to do with the existing funds (once they are transferred from 
ceata to some-place else), I'm sure the people of parabola could somehow 
work by consensus as to how they are spent, even if that consensus is 
just among the hackers. It would then probably be worth thinking long 
and hard about whether parabola should continue taking new funds in that 
way (because of the obvious problems that have arisen).


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